COOPER PHARMA is the 1st Moroccan Pharmaceutical Group to set up in Saudi Arabia (KSA); A highly potential market and with high quality standards.

COOPER KSA is the result of a Cooperation between COOPER PHARMA and the leader of the pharmaceutical industry in Saudi Arabia (the SPIMACO group).

Currently, the sales team is made up of more than twenty medical delegates who cover all regions of the Saudi Kingdom. This team benefits from support through a dedicated management based in Saudi Arabia and thanks to the support of a management from the parent company of Cooper Pharma in Casablanca.

The team promotes a dozen brands of pharmaceutical products. These are generic brands on various therapeutic classes (Cardiology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology …)

The presence and performance of the Cooper Pharma Group in Saudi Arabia is fully in line with the Group’s vision of being a regional African and Middle Eastern player.